Native plants from $3 today Sunday at Gahnia Grove, Glenfield Rd

The North Shore Wilds native plant stand will be open again tomorrow (Sunday) from about 10am, at the Gahnia Grove restoration project on Glenfield Rd opposite the petrol station (where the strawberry stand is in summer).

We still have kawakawa, karamu, a few other treees and shrubs, Carex (“grasses”) and some groundcovers, small ones for $3, with the larger pots priced accordingly.

All are ecosourced from the Kaipatiki area, and grown in composting twig/leaf mulch and woodchips, without added chemicals. Many pots contain live earthworms, and all contain live soil fungi etc, so they are best suited to planting in the ground.

We also welcome enquiries about our chemical-free weed-control and general landcare. The Gahnia Grove restoration project is handy for showing examples of our weed-control methods and the resulting natural forest regrowth.

We can assess your own site, and show you how to control weeds, improve soil and produce your own locally-wild native plants for free. Or we can do it for you. For large bare areas freed from weeds, we can provide free potted plants to our landcare customers.

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